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Crafter Sign - Sungeum Music
Crafter Sign - Sungeum Music
Wood For Guitar Tops Stacked
Completed Fingerboard Pattern
Adding Dot Position Marks
Freshly Moulded Wood Sides
Fingerboard Drying Room
CNC Machine Fingerboard Pattern
Guitar Bridges
Adding Frets To Fingerboard
Box Of Frets By Size
Guitar Building Materials
Varnish Finishes
Freshly Scraped Varnish Off Binding
Guitar Headstocks
Soundhole Inlay Pieces
Soundhole Inlays
Guitar Edge Cutting
Preparing Sides For Backs
Stacked Guitar Side Shapes
Guitar Side Bracing

Crafter Factory Tour

In October 2013, my colleague and I were invited to South Korea to visit the Crafter factory who make guitars. We were shown every step of the guitar making process in their recently built factory just outside Seoul. Crafter have…

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