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Talk Talk Digital Hero Awards

Back in August I was told about a little award for Talk Talk Digital Heroes which recognises people who use technology to benefit their local community. It was mentioned to the Roath Cardiff team and we were thrilled to find out that was seen as a potential candidate and were put forward! After a few weeks of waiting and 10,000 public votes across all 12 regions we were told that we had won the Talk Talk Digital Hero award for Wales! We were over the moon!

Within no time at all, we had a film crew round to interview us and the local area and then it was off to the House of Commons for the award ceremony. Sadly, it was the same evening that I flew to South Korea but I was tweeted and emailed the event as it happened so that I could keep in touch with the rest of the team from Heathrow.

The full blog post of events can be found here on the blog:'s Matt, Huw and Geraldine outside the House of Commons, London’s Matt, Huw and Geraldine outside the House of Commons, London

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