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Future Learn

Future Learn

At one of our editorial meetings I was introduced to Future Learn, run and owned by the Open University. They are running a selection of courses from different universities online in a very innovative and flexible format. You can learn for as long as you want, where you want and on whatever device you use. (Basically I can do a course from the sofa, on my iPad whilst having my dinner!)

I signed up in the first instance to do the Community Journalism course but instantly found myself drawn to The Secret Power of Brands course that had already started just over a week ago. Luckily I had a bit of time to sign up and catch up so that is what I’m currently learning. I have also signed up for their Digital Marketing course too.

The courses are divided into written content, slideshows, audio and video and encourage you to engage with other learners through a comment and social side panel on each section. It’s a fantastic way of getting people to learn together and share ideas and it invites everyone from established experts in their field to students. You can even buy a┬áStatement of Participation at the end too.

So far I am thoroughly enjoying the Future Learn courses and looking forward to doing more.

EDIT: I completed both courses and got the certificate of participation. I started another course on astronomy (just for fun) and I’m planning to do more – you can never stop learning!

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