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Optical Illusion Winning Photo
Optical Illusion Winning Photo
Photomarathon Topic Optical Illusion 2015
Photomarathon Winners 2015
Optical Illusion Winning Photo Photomarathon Topic Optical Illusion 2015 Photomarathon Winners 2015

Cardiff Photomarathon 2015

The Cardiff Photomarathon is an annual event that brings together 400 photographers who are challenged to take 12 photos on 12 topics within 12 hours. It’s a day that tests your imagination, your ability to think on your feet and often, your physical stamina. This was my second Photomarathon, having completed my first last year, and I had once again managed to rope my friend Karl into joining me for the day. It’s definitely an event that is easier with friends as they can help with ideas and support plus they can also model for you, if they let you. Luckily my friends are not camera shy and they have featured in both Photomarathons.

This year I decided to be a bit more relaxed during the event. I was definitely getting a bit obsessed over the little details last year and I think it takes away the fun if you do that. Luckily the weather was great on the day and everyone was really accommodating in helping me out with my bizarre requests. Britt quite happily re-arranged his entire assortment of SEGA Megadrive games for the topic ‘Collection‘ and John Lewis (the shop) let me change all their TV channels for the topic ‘The Other Side‘. Even random people in the pub would let me photograph them which was great too.

The exhibition that is held shortly after the event is an opportunity to view every single picture that was taken on the day (about 48000 photos!) and there is an awards presentation on opening night. A few of my friends have won topic awards in previous Photomarathons but I never thought I would win one. It was to my absolute surprise and delight that my photo of a can of Impulse and some lucky shaped clouds won the Optical Illusion topic on the night. I was thrilled!

If you like a creative challenge then the Cardiff Photomarathon comes highly recommended. You just need a camera, some really comfortable shoes and your imagination. I will be back next year!

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