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Macro Moths

Macro Moths

With Spring dragging its heels this year running 3-4 weeks behind schedule, nature is having a difficult time waking up. It’s been too cold for planting on the allotment (I’ve only just put my beans in under fleece) and the bluebells are coming up now rather than in April. It’s a very sluggish spring.

For the May Bank Holiday, Dave and I headed to his home town in Hampshire where we hoped we would see some sunshine and some wildlife. I visit Hampshire every year in the spring/summer and photograph findings from Dave’s father’s moth trap. I’m quite the moth observer and I find them to be really fascinating creatures. I was half expecting the trap to be empty as it had rained all week but some moths were venturing out and we found a couple of rare beauties waiting for us in the morning.

The image above is of a particularly scarce Dotted Chestnut moth which was a real treat to find.

We also came across some Flame Shoulder, Hebrew Character, Early Thorn and Dark Swordgrass moths. (They sound more like characters in Game of Thrones than moths!)
We didn’t find any MayBugs in the trap which are usually around from late April but apparently they have started to appear since the Bank Holiday. Can’t say I miss them, they’re very creepy-crawlie!

I’ll be back at the end of June to photograph some more hopefully!

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