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The Full Team With Jamie Robert WRU

Project Description

Project Detals

Farmhouse Freedom Eggs wanted to create a Rugby themed 15 Egg Pack in collaboration with Tesco that would coincide with The Six Nations around Easter plus the Internationals in the Autumn to have a bi-yearly promotion.

The design was created from the client’s initial rough sketches and an illustrator was outsourced for the character designs. The pack needed to be striking and fun in order to stand out on the shelves in large Tesco stores in Wales. The Full Team final design was presented to the Welsh Ruby Union board who approved the eggs for the Welsh Team and subsequent pack promotions. Jamie Roberts kindly posed for a photo during a promotional training session at the Millennium Stadium with The Full Team pack.

Client: Farmhouse Freedom Eggs, WRU and Tesco
Print: 250,000 Printed Bi-Annually

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